Bitcoin could rise to as much as two million dollars, even more – Rabobank

In recent months the worth of Bitcoin has risen sharply after all , despite some fluctuations. How high can the worth of Bitcoin rise? within the view of Wim Boonstra, Senior Advisor at Rabobank, Bitcoin could still increase in value, but it could even as easily go the opposite way.

Bitcoin’s value is decided by the worth its enthusiasts attach thereto
“Some people anticipate that the worth of Bitcoin can rise much, much higher, to 1,000,000 dollars even. If asked whether this is often possible, I can only say: yes, it could. the worth of Bitcoin could even rise to the maximum amount as two million dollars, or more. But it’d not, because the prospect that the worth of Bitcoin could suddenly crash, even to zero, is arguably even as likely.”

“The value of Bitcoin is totally determined by the worth its enthusiasts attach thereto . Hypes can go very far, though. Back within the 17th century when Tulip Mania was sweeping Netherlands , there was one sort of tulip bulb that was worth such a lot you’ll trade it for a fine canal house in Amsterdam. Relatively speaking, the hype surrounding Bitcoin isn’t so bad, although with a way larger international reach.”


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