Economic, Geopolitical, and Social Implications of a Biden Presidency

On January 20th, Joe Biden will turn out to be the forty sixth President of the United States. With that will come severa economic, geopolitical and social coverage modifications that will be dramatically one-of-a-kind than these of President Trump. Biden will seem to enlarge the financial system via fiscal stimulus, by way of growing taxes on the wealthy, and by means of reducing pupil mortgage debt. Foreign coverage towards many countries, inclusive of China, Russia, Iran, Mexico, and Canada, will evolve. In addition, troubles like healthcare, racial inequality, and local weather alternate will be at the forefront of his social agenda.

Joe Biden’s Economic Policy

Whether or now not President Biden gives a unique quantity of stimulus that he feels is integral to help the economy, he has already confirmed his intentions with the aid of choosing Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary. Yellen had been greater dovish, which means that she appreciated stimulating the economic system to tackle unemployment as an alternative than focusing on warfare inflation, in the course of her tenure as Fed Chairman, and expectations are for these inclinations to continue. When you mix a dovish Treasury Secretary with a dovish Federal Reserve, you get a well-oiled, cash printing machine! In addition, Biden plans to create 5 million new jobs via shopping for American merchandise and offerings and investing in science and research. Biden additionally wishes to increase the minimal wage to $15/hour.

Beyond the usage of federal money to stimulate the economy, Biden additionally plans on elevating income via growing social protection taxes on these who earn extra than $400,000/year. He’s additionally proposed repealing the Trump tax cuts, as properly as growing the company tax price to 28%.

As a long way as funding education, Biden desires to extend federal funding for K-12 education, together with tripling the quantity for Title 1 funding. For university education, Biden plans to make neighborhood faculties and public universities free for households making much less than $125,000. As with Donald Trump, Joe Biden doesn’t appear too involved about Federal debt, which is projected to upward jostle to 108% of GDP in 2021 (see “The long-term fallout of deficit spending, quantitative easing, and debt monetization” for greater on this topic):


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